Mexico (1996)


Mexico. Mexico city was a huge, sprawling mass of humanity and automobiles. The pollution was vicious, the roads were full: it was amazing.

My friend Jon and I checked out the Aztec stuff that people found buried in the middle of town, went to the big plaza (picture 1) , you know: we did the tourist stuff.

Then we took off for the West coast. We stayed in Zhihuatenajo, a small fishing town. We read, swam, hung out on the beach (pic 2) , ate sea food, danced and I even got to go on a scuba trip.

Then we returned to Mexico City and visited the "pyramids" at Teotihuacan (pics 3 and 4) , which were phenomenal. Teotihuacan is an impressive archeological site. The great thing about Mexico is for a few bucks you can climb, jump in, pose in pictures, walk over and destroy their historical finds. Of course, I would never take advantage of that type of situation.


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Now, that's a big flag.


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You gotta wonder, "does Jon have swim trunks on?"

Looking left at Teotihuacan.

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Looking right at Teotihuacan.

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