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This site is still under construction! The blank spots to the left are where the links to pages for my resume, the Tibet trip, the Amazon trip and the Machupichu trip will be.


The links are over there on the left to my resume, me in the news and some incredible trips. Of course, there are some somewhat humorous ramblings to go with the trip pictures.

I moved back to the U.S. from China after a tough 4+ years, leaving my finance job with the Italian/Chinese joint venture that made chemical vacuum pumps for televisions and computers monitors.

I am enjoying choices again. The clean air is nice. Life is good.

Make sure you remember we lead great lives. Appreciate how lovely it is. There are plenty of people out there that will never even have access to a computer...or electricity.
We have choices. Have fun.


Adrian, Sonia, Mark, Karen and Shawn
(Shanghai, China-End of 1998)

Shawn (with hideous goatee) and Mark Hanna
(Shanghai, China-January 1999)



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